Blindsided By Maturity

Family vacations and birthday parties. Loved friends, and cherished memories. My childhood was filled with excitement and optimism, as if I were invincible from unfortunate predicaments. Life, for the rambunctious youngest child, delivered supersized adventures around every corner to consume my attention. But, as I grew older, clear signs of life’s imperfections surfaced. My parents divorced around age 10 which shattered the meaning of family for me. My mother proceeded to move, and raise her last two sons single-handedly. I assume while leaving, my mom decided no matter what happened she would do anything to protect us, because from then on, we only had each other. I believe that a brief moment of tragedy may provide lessons that stick stronger than most of one’s learning, and are more impressionable than most of one’s experiences.
Halfway through my senior year of high school, my transformation to be more self-dependent was in full swing until tragedy struck. After a trip to Colorado’s mountains, my mom suffered a stroke on the precarious cliffs. Luckily a flat tire diverted a shivering possibility of death for me, but unfortunately her life was in my hands…literally. She lost consciousness, and her unresponsive movements will forever haunt me. The surgeon informed my older sister of her ultimatum: let her die peacefully, or perform brain surgery which at best would put her in a vegetative state. Our decision was to give my mom a fighting chance to live, and she survived. Visions of my family and future shattered like the screen of my Iphone. Many financial, housing, and medical responsibilities collapsed onto 3 unprepared children. Little did I know, that was the moment when I became an adult. With graduation, college, and a senior trip to Europe on my mind; a whole new aspect of living dawned on me. Worrying about my college funds being spent on medical bills or wondering if my mom can ever walk again earned priority over childish issues. Months after surgery, the extent of her injury was obvious. Although she regained more than ever expected, she will never be the same. Her soft, middle-aged appearance was abducted by a child’s mind. It was hard to accept that our lives were so brutally twisted by the effects of such a small measurement of time.
I have finally come to terms with what happened. There is nothing I can do now but learn from this experience, and help my mom recover. Every day I ponder how I have become a stronger person from this abrupt nightmare. I now have the strength to make rational decisions, and think critically in pressure situations. Taking action and accomplishing something of this importance built great confidence in me, which will translate to other areas of my life. I learned that self-dependence may not always be enough in life; that one day you may be relied upon to carry others. This realization hit hard that cold winter night, when I was blindsided by maturity.

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