I Believe in Long Distance Friendships

I believe in the power of long distance friendships. Growing up in a military community meant that everyone moved a lot. My best friends moved every couple of years leaving me with a growing phone book of long distance numbers and more hours spent on the phone reliving old memories and discussing new ones. Eventually in Middle school it was my turn to move. Now I was the person the person of honor at the good-bye party. Everything seemed new and out of place in a new town to call home and a new school. Now that I have gone to college out of state ,I have gone though another major move. The people and places in my life seem to keep changing in a, making me used to but highly resistant to change. I truly value the friends that have continued to stay constant in my life.
The person with whom I have stayed in touch the longest with has been my friend Gloria. Most of our friendship has been long distance, but I believe it has been made stronger because of that reason. Both of us have different perspectives, backgrounds, and different views on life. Yet we can all spend hours on the phone talking. Though we only lived in the same place for a little more than a year our friendship has continued to survive we have talked each other though break-ups, accomplishments, homesickness embarrassing moments, as well as the day-to-day happenings of life. I know that she will always be there for that one o’clock in the morning meltdown down if I need her. The three of us have formed a strong support group for each other and we all have a very strong bond. We are both going to college in two very different states New York, and Colorado. I look forward to our weekly Saturday phone call to see what’s been happening in their lives and to tell them what’s been happening in mine.
Over winter break we all got the opportunity to have a reunion back in our old hometown. Growing up Gloria and I would all gather at this particularly odd shaped tree in the middle of the city’s park. We called this meeting place the “ugly tree” it was the place we were used to have all of our conversations. We relieved childhood memories and discussed new ones. It was a moment in time that signified our continued connectedness. The barriers of time and distance could never take this away from us. By that tree we talked about our upcoming goals for the New Year and how we ended up staying friends for so long. We were sad to say our goodbyes as we prepared to head off to our perspective destinations. The car was silent as we drove back to the hotel listening to the song “Forever Young.” I believe in the power in Long distance friendship because if it is strong it will last though anything.

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