I believe in Bullies

I believe in Bullies

Six foot five, 260 pounds, all state offensive guard, enlisting in the Marines; Jordan Scallbom. Five foot nine, 140 pounds, freshmen wide receiver, me; Alex Buckley. There we were in the same weights class for football our spring semester and he had his eye out for me. Jordan along with his other huge friends terrorized the school, especially the young freshmen football players such as myself. Since they had been tormented as freshmen, they were out for revenge.

People like Jordan are bullies at their finest; and I believe in what they do and the consequences of what they do. Getting picked on and bullied can be a good thing. It makes you tough, mentally and physically. It should drive you to succeed and let nothing stand in your way.

I remember the first day of weights bench-pressing a mere 85 pounds. Just as I sat up after finishing my set, Jordan shoved me aside, called me a name, and grabbed the bar with the weight and started repping out bicep curls. A lift I could barley do with the bar. While waiting to get my turn for a drink, Jordan gave me a dead arm, tossed me aside, and make sure I wasn’t quenching my thirst until he had. Thankfully, this only lasted a year and by the time I was done in that class, my lifts had gone up tremendously, thanks to the motivation to never let him curl my bench bar again.

Just as I had begun to think of what I wanted to accomplish on and off the field, I had already found a new foe. Grant Arthurs, our middle line backer was already on varsity our sophomore year as I was stuck on the JV. Whenever he got mad, he would track me down in the locker room, and hit me in the arm until I couldn’t lift it anymore. Then I broke my ankle and couldn’t participate in all team activities. Halloween was a Friday that year, and with a game that night the football players wore their jerseys to school. I wore my jersey with my crutches and cast. Grant and his friend Tom told me it was a nice Halloween costume, implying I wasn’t a football player. It was meanest thing anyone had ever said to me.

That night as I lay in my bed, as sad as ever, I set out goals. I was going to prove to everyone I knew that I was a football player. After earning some varsity time my junior year, my senior year was filled with rewards. Starting wide receiver, all league honorable mention honors, strongest wide receiver on the team, captain honors alongside Grant, and most of all, the Black falcon award. I beat out Grant. I showed him and earned his respect. I firmly believe that if he hadn’t bullied me and constantly brought me down, I would’ve never achieved as much as I did in the long run. Both Jordan and Grant are classic examples of Bullies, at the time they seemed evil, but looking back they were a blessing in disguise.

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