I Believe in Eastern Medicine

Natural Remedies

By, Mac Burridge

I believe in the power of eastern medicine; the power of taking God’s given creations and composing a harmless yet beneficial medicine to help cure nearly any illness. It took the strength of one eastern medicine doctor and the gifts from God to finally halt my illness from duct taping me to a hospital bed. The recovery from my senior year epidemic is not even half way done.

I went through five doctors over a seven-month period of time, gulping 40 milligrams of steroids down my throat. You would think I would be the world’s next strongest man. Not these steroids. My face burst out with craters of acne and I couldn’t be in class with out falling asleep. The start of my senior year was turning into a nightmare.

I started noticing myself waking up embarrassed to look at myself in the mirror. Eventually it got worse. These so called mosquito bites turned into baseball-sized hives decorating my body. In the 70-degree heat of late August, I wore sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt everyday to school, just to cover up my disgusting balloon-like body. The hives were not only taking over my body but they were taking over my life as well. It seemed like nothing was stopping them from ruining me, until I met the doctor that resurrected my life: Dr. Spates.

I did not know a thing about eastern medicine, but at this point, I was willing to try anything. Dipping my hands into a pot of orange boiling water that didn’t burn, dropping liquid vitamins down my throat that tasted like week old sardines and putting extreme amount of pressure on different parts of my body, were all various tests he put me through. Within the first five minutes, he diagnosed my illness: viral parasites.

Little to my knowledge, everyone has some type of parasite living in them at all times. I was lucky enough to have an abnormal amount (with a body reaction of enormous hives). Dr. Spates immediately prescribed me on a strict regiment of various vitamins. All of these harmless pills contained anything from roots to plants to vegetable extracts, which is vastly different from the chemical-based western medicine poisons. Nearly three weeks after a strict schedule, the baseballs started to turn into golf balls, and the golf balls into peas. Within four months, the hives were next to gone.

What wasn’t gone was the seven months I wasted driving steroids into my body and annihilating my immune system. The key difference is that western medicine tries to treat the problem and side effects as they appear, where as eastern medicine tries to prevent the problem from ever surfacing. Not only did Dr. Spates fix my problem, he helped bring my immune system back to a level where I can prevent problems like this from happening again.

I believe in the power of eastern medicine because it brought my body back to life.

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