I Believe in Needles and Holes

I Believe Needles and Holes Lisa Marcum

Until the age of eighteen I had never done anything rebellious before…that my parents knew of. I didn’t sneak out late at night, or go to wild parties; I just went with the flow of what my parents expected of me. So, when I turned eighteen, I thought I would go a little crazy.
I wasn’t sure what to do, but then I remembered when I was eleven I got my ears pierced for the first time. It was my favorite day because what eleven-year old girl isn’t excited to get her ears pierced? Walking into Claire’s with my mom, and being the perfect mix of excitement and nervousness was the best feeling. The second we walked into Claire’s my nose filled with the scent of rubbing alcohol and backstreet boys was playing on the loud speakers. So when I went to get more piercings when I was eighteen, walking into a tattoo parlor and listening to punk rock music was something different. Within the time span of a month I went from having two piercings to eight! My nose, my cartilage, and four more in and around my ears. I don’t like needles, and I have a low pain tolerance but the rush I got when I got that piercing was all worth it. What was even more worth it was the expression on my moms face when I came home after every piercing.
As I got more piercings, people starting looking at me differently. Not necessarily in a bad way, but just in an altered way. Sometimes I even felt like a bad ass. I became friends with one of the piercers at the tattoo saloon who had fifteen piercings and twenty-seven tattoos. I felt pretty cool being friends with people who were so out of my friend realm. During my senior year, I started partying more and staying out later. All the new piercings just made me feel socially accepted with the people I was going out with. I never put myself in danger, so all the partying I did was just for the fun of it.
This feeling of being mischievous was something I had never felt before. All my life I was the child that did whatever my parents said, for once I had the feeling of something unique and I liked it. Sadly, since I got so many piercings at once, I couldn’t take care of all of them properly. Four of my ear piercings and my nose became infected. I outgrew my phase of rebellion, but I want to get my nose pierced again and I know I will have that seem feeling I did the first time I got my ears pierced. I went through that phase every high school kid is supposed to go through and I loved it. Piercings changed who I am now because I’m not afraid to take chances and risks. It sounds odd that something like piercings could bring me out of my comfort zone, but it did. Eight piercings later, I’m still the same girl, just more adventurous. I believe in piercings.

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