I Believe in New Adventures

Finding New Adventures
I believe in finding new adventures. I believe in its ability to open new doors and stimulate new thoughts. New adventures twist and turn unexpectingly through life exposing new experiences at each bend. These new experiences are never dull, and never completely reveal themselves at once. They always keep me guessing and wondering what is around each bend.
Adventure has been in my life since I was a little kid playing in the woods. It lead me to discover new parts of the woods near my house each day just to ease the curious question of, “Where do they end?” Accompanied by my friends, we would venture into the woods equipped with axes, hammers, nails, and saws. As we entered the woods, the sun would disappear behind the tree canopy filling us all with excitement. Once we journeyed deep enough we found our spot and began to build our fort out of trees we cut down. Our forts would protect us against those who dare enter the woods, we claimed ours.
The days in the woods faded and gave way to other adventures such as skiing. Each mountain I skied had different trails weaving through the woods never foreshadowing what was to come next. These new adventures filled me with excitement and curiosity. Each cold chair lift ride up I knew that a new adventure was about to begin testing my ability to react to new terrain as I bombed down the mountain. Adrenaline mixed with fear would fill my gut with a desirable teasing sensation. The real ski adventures began once I was skilled enough to ski the bowls. Hiking to the peak was a battle of lung verses oxygen, because such high altitudes lack this life giving element. With each windy breath the adventure of the hike and fresh powder would consume me. Never knowing what the view would be like from the top, or which powdery line I was going to ride down kept me thirsting for more.
As high school came closer to an end it was time to embark on the adventure that was searching for colleges. Being from North Carolina, I applied to The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State. I had toyed with the idea of going to school in Colorado, so I applied to The University of Colorado. Getting accepted into all three schools posed a problem for me. I was tormented with a decision that would take my life in two different directions. North Carolina or Colorado? Having fallen deeply in love with new experiences as a little kid, I was ready to give up everything I had known for 18 years. This meant I had to give up seeing family and lifelong friends for three to four months at a time. This meant moving 1,200 miles away to a state I would know two people in. Despite these sacrifices I wanted something new. An experience where I couldn’t predict what was going to happen. I wanted the four year adventure that would ensue attending The University of Colorado.

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