The effects of a shower

Limits, functions, various laws—anything related to calculus and chemistry is all I think about nowadays. If I’m not studying these subjects during class, I’m doing homework until the dead of night. My sleep schedule has become inconsistent. My body doesn’t even know what a good night’s sleep is anymore. Getting about four hours of sleep affects my ability to put 110 percent into the competitive sports that I’m in. With lack of sleep comes less strength and stamina to do the exercises correctly which makes it easier to injure myself. Days are long and tiresome. I constantly worry if I did my homework correctly, if I studied enough so I can get into the engineering major, and if I’ll be able to win medals with the effort I put in. My mind; always worrying, always working, and never getting enough rest.

With my daily schedule I accumulate loads of stress which is relieved by showering. Once I step under the faucet, the water begins to cascade down my back, and I feel a sense of ease. I forget about my worries and let the warm water engulf me. As I shampoo my hair, all the negative thoughts get washed out. There’s something healing about water that allows me to realize that not everyday will be as difficult and that each day brings something new. Stepping in and out of the shower gives me a sense of renewal and I feel released from the stress accumulated throughout the day.

Showering is a time for me to gather up my thoughts.

I remember a day where showering saved me. It was the day I witnessed my dog get killed. I couldn’t help but gather thousands of questions wondering why she had to die. Why couldn’t I have held onto her leash a little harder? Why didn’t the person stop their car before, or after, they hit her? More and more questions piled up in my mind and this overwhelming curiosity almost drowned the comforting words of my friends and family. That night, as I showered, I realized how much people were there for me. Showering gave me time, peace, and quiet to remember everything that they said. I let the water wash the dirt from my body; but, I also absorbed the comforting words of my friends and family. The most important thing that showering helped me do that day was admit to myself that my dog, Angel, became an angel.

Showering goes beyond washing yourself so your peers don’t judge you by the way you smell. Sure you can cover the dirt and sweat of a hard day’s work with some sweet smelling soap and water; but, the full act of showering is overpowering in a sense. It is a time for yourself to think and relax so you can wash all the stress of a strenuous day down the drain. It allows you to remove the physical and mental dirt from the day so you can go to bed without worries, and wake up to a brand new start.

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